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Bélanger Agro-Consultant inc. is a company providing specialized agroenvironmental services.


The company has an excellent understanding of the agricultural and natural habitat. It’s team is multi-disciplinary and is composed of agronomist, biologist, engineer, geographer and agricultural, forestry and chemistry technicians.


The company was created in 1992 by Pierre Belanger, an agronomist with the desire to start up a business to offer services to the agricultural world. The first projects are related to the supervision of farm activities such as medicinal plant production and farm composting, to name a few.


In 1997, the company took a drastic environmental turn with:

  • The start of activities related to agricultural valorisation of MRF’s with the Outaouais forestry industry.
  • Realization of Agro-environmental fertilization plans (PAEF) following the adoption of the agricultural pollution reduction act of June 4th, 1997.

The 30th of March 1999, the company is incorporated and takes the name Belanger Agro-Consultant inc.


From 2006 to 2007, the company established itself as a major player in the region by putting in place an ecological studies department. The team is now composed of agronomists, forestry technician, geographer and engineer. The interventions are aimed at the wetland and natural areas as well as lakes and watercourses.


Belanger Agro-Consultant inc. is situated at 277 chemin Industriel, local 8 and is in the municipality of L’Ange-Gardien in Outaouais.





Pierre Bélanger, agr.

Cynthia Trottier, accounting





Claire Cossette, agr., M. Sc., & director of agronomic services

Roger Francis Bioka-Kiminou, agr.

Emmanuel Pierre, agr. & geomaticien



Land-use planning, environment and geomatic


Émilie Lessard, geographer M. Sc.

Nicolas Mainville, B. Sc. A.



Fertilizing residual materials - Logistic


Gilles Parisien, chemical technician

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