Our company is committed to protecting the natural environment and especially the water courses and offers different environmental services



  • Flora and fauna survey
  • Ecological characterization of the forest and the plant cover
  • Urban forestry and arboriculture
  • Evaluation and characterization of ecological interest site

Aquatic zones and wetlands

  • Wetland characterization and delimitation
  • High waters natural level
  • Biological expertise leading to obtaining a certificate of authorization
    • Section 22 of the EQA
    • Fish habitat
    • Wetland
    • Etc.
  • Lake and watershed diagnosis
  • Bathymetric mapping
  • Shore stabilization (mechanical or vegetation method)
  • Landscaping of fish spawning area
  • Beaver management plan
  • Hydrolic studies
  • Maintaining and landscaping watercourses
 Rivière Outaouais


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